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Death of Osama Bin Laden

Like many people that were affected by 9/11 today was a day that we have been looking forward to for almost 10 years. While I didn’t lose anybody 9/11, I was directly affected because I worked for Comair Airlines and was at the Cincinnati Airport when it happened. I remember watching planes land a park anywhere there was an open gate at the airport, it didn’t matter what airline it was. I can recall the airport being evacuated and bomb stiffing dogs going throughout the airport. The once the American skies reopened I wondered how many people would fly again and if I would be laid off again just like I was when the Comair pilots went on strike


 The events changed the way America looked at the world. For the first time, many Americans felt vulnerable to terrorism within the United States. Much like we associated Stalin with communism and Hitler with the Holocaust, the face of terrorism was Osama Bin Laden. Until the towers came down I don’t think the average American, or those within our own government understood what we were up against.


Enough of rehashing the past, we all know the story, and that isn’t the point of the blog. May 1, 2011 should go down as a day of celebration, and reflection, much like Memorial Day. We celebrate the death of an evil and vile man. We also should take time to reflect and give thanks to the men and women that served our country and worked hard over the last ten plus years to kill this man.


We must also give thanks to President Bush. His leadership and his willingness to the fight terrorism relentlessly, and unapologetically, helped us get to the point that we had the ability to kill Bin Laden. Finally President Obama must be given his due. No matter your political leaning, President Obama did something that Bill Clinton refused to do before 9/11 and that was he was will to put his neck on the line when he had solid intelligence as to where Bin Laden.


President Obama had the courage to send troops into Pakistan, which was extremely risky given the current state of relations and the chance of the mission being a failure. The President should be commended for taking such action, and authorizing this military mission. Of course though our President and the rest of the country owes and debt of gratitude to those that were directly involved in executing this mission with such precision and professionalism.


May 1, 2011 will not be the day that ended terrorism unfortunately. There are still plenty out there that want to destroy America because of their intolerant and radical views. What this date symbolizes, is that America has the resolved, the will, and the resources to destroy those that seek to destroy us. Throughout our history, whether it was England during the Revolutionary War, Japan during World War II, Russia during the Cold War or Al Qaida during the war on terror, there has been one theme throughout American History. You make knock us down, but by the grace of  God,  America will get back up dust ourselves off and we will unleash the entire force of the American military to hunt you down and if need be kill you.

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  1. it took real guts from your boy obama to authorize this mission in another country. it could have been a political/foreign policy nightmare had he been wrong. kudos to the whole lot especially the people who went in. those people serve the country in ways you and i will never know. they do things that you and i could never do. we’re lucky to have folks like them. the only thing through the whole thing that’s upset me is the barack obama enthusiasts acting as though he put on fatigues and went in and killed bin laden himself. he deserves loads of credit but people should also realize that his administration and the previous administration got intelligence on bin laden using some pretty extensive interrogation techniques. i haven’t heard anyone calling for an indictment on war crimes for barack obama as they did for your boy w. bush. i guess i’m just glad we got that scumbag.

    Comment by krs | May 4, 2011

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